Post-Yosemite | In-N-Out Burger + Herald, CA

The first thing we did after leaving Yosemite was drive to In-N-Out burger! Since Jake is from Tennessee, he hadn't had a chance to go to In-N-Out before. Katie and I were stoked for him, and he loved it.

First bite!

The fry experiment: fries light vs. normal fries vs. fries well.

On our way back to Sacramento, we stopped by to visit Katie's roommate's mom. We got to hang out with cats, dogs, peacocks, chickens, and horses. It was pouring rain out, but that didn't stop Katie from getting on her roommates horse and giving him some attention. 

Holden is the hugest dog I've ever seen - he's like a small bear. We all fell in love with him right away.

This is Cuba. I wanted to take him home with me.

This is a sweet pony named Bob.

This is Nehi. I was a bit scared of him at first because of his size, but he is such a sweetheart.