Football | SMU vs. Baylor

SMU faced Texas football powerhouse Baylor on Friday at Ford Stadium in Dallas, and I had the chance the make it out to the game! For once, I was actually attending a sporting event as a spectator, instead of photographing it. However, I naturally still brought my camera, and snapped a few shots documenting the day. Enjoy!

I loved watching Peruna, SMU's mascot, run across the field each time SMU scored a touchdown! Peruna is a beautiful black Shetland pony.

I was caught off-guard when I glanced at the scoreboard and saw one of my women's soccer portraits, promoting an upcoming game! It was really fun to see one of my photos up there.

As a former marching band geek, I enjoyed the halftime show by the Mustang Band way too much. They played a rendition of "Uptown Funk" which was a lot of fun.